Wales ‘LGBTQ+ Action Plan’ kan gi landet forbud mot konverteringsterapi

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En foreslått lov om forbud mot konverteringsterapi i Wales kan true kristne ledere og forkynnere sin religionsfrihet og deres mulighet til å gi råd til mennesker med uønskede seksuell orientering, det har en kristen talsmannsgruppe advart. Det skriver The Christian Post.

The Christian Post skriver videre:

The draft version of the LGBTQ+ Action Plan for Wales, published by the devolved government of Wales in July, seeks to ban “all aspects” of sexual orientation change efforts therapy, or what’s often derisively known as “conversion therapy.”

While the plan states that its goal is to “improve the recognition of LGBTQ+ people” and “advance LGBTQ+ equality and inclusion,” some Christians fear it would restrict pastors’ ability to counsel their parishioners, and put them at risk of facing a hate crime charge if they share their biblically-based beliefs about human sexuality.

One proposal included in the plan calls for the Programme for Government to ban “all aspects of LGBTQ+ conversion therapy.”

Many religious leaders and Christian therapists seek to provide those with unwanted same-sex attraction with counseling and therapy. In recent years, several Western governments have implemented or sought to impose bans on so-called “conversion therapy,” primarily at the state and local level.

Carys Moseley of the U.K.-based legal and advocacy group Christian Concern warned about the consequences bans on therapy might have for the religious community. Specifically, Moseley expressed concern that “the Welsh government wants people to be able to report faith leaders to the police for ‘hate incidents.’”

Moseley cited the Integrated Impact Assessment of the LGBTQ+ Action Plan, which states the Welsh government’s intent to “take an intersectional approach and build on the existing work of faith leaders in Wales to promote LGBTQ+ inclusion and support many LGBTQ+ people to express their own faiths or beliefs.”

The Welsh government also published a detailed Equality Impact Assessment, which examines the effect that aspects of the LGBTQ+ Action Plan will have on different groups, including the religious community.

While admitting that “A proposal to ban conversion therapy practices may curtail a qualified right to manifest a religious or philosophical belief,” the document claims that “potential interference with this qualified right may be justified in a democratic society on the grounds of public safety, health or morals, or protecting the rights and freedoms of others.”

The Equality Impact Assessment predicts that it might also “restrict religious freedoms and place faith leaders at risk of persecution.” However, the Welsh government vowed to “continue dialogue with faith communities in Wales” while slamming the practice of so-called conversion therapy.

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