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Daily Wire podcaster og forfatter Matt Walsh sier at politiet etterforsker drapstrusler mot ham etter utgivelsen av hans banebrytende dokumentar “What is a Woman?” som utfordrer transkjønnsideologien.

“Det har vært noen eksplisitte trusler mot livet mitt,” skrev den katolske konservative kommentatoren i en mandags tweet. – Politiet er involvert. Vi visste at det sannsynligvis ville komme til dette. Vi er forberedt på det.

Lifesitenews skriver videre:
Freedom First Network cofounder JD Rucker remarked: “You’re taking on a demonic agenda. Of course they want you dead.”

Walsh has drawn a firestorm of criticism from the political left for his globe-trotting documentary, which features a trove of interviews with top experts and proponents of transgenderism who appear to be significantly unable or unwilling to coherently defend transgender ideology or answer elementary questions like “what is a woman?”

In the controversial and hard-hitting film, which was deliberately released on June 1 to coincide with the beginning of “Pride Month,” Walsh set out to expose the transgender movement for what it is through the testimony of its strongest advocates.
Walsh also spoke with members of the African Maasai tribe, who unlike many highly-educated left-wing transgender advocates appeared to clearly understand the differences between men and women, and were reduced to fits of laughter when introduced to the the muddled concepts of gender ideology.
Opponents of Walsh have predictably accused him of being a “bigot,” “transphobic,” or other slurs for daring to question the notion that human beings can become the opposite sex, and that people (particularly children) confused about their sex should be given puberty-blockers, hormone drugs, or mutilating surgeries to conform with their so-called “gender identity.”

Meanwhile, this isn’t the first time Walsh has taken on radical transgender ideology.

Last year, Walsh appeared on an episode of Dr. Phil where he asserted, in opposition to the “transgender” activists on the panel, that sex is a biological reality and individuals can’t require others to partake in the “theatrical production” of their “gender identity.”

WATCH: Matt Walsh schools transgender activists on Dr. Phil show

In December, Walsh also published a best-selling yet heavily censored children’s book called “Johnny the Walrus,” which uses the allegory of a little boy pretending to be a walrus to demonstrate the absurdity of the transgender movement.

The “What is a Woman” documentary is available now exclusively to Daily Wire members.

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