JK Rowling vekker raseriet hos transaktivister etter sin siste kritikk av bevegelsen

Foto: Rae Tian fra Unsplash
Foto: Rae Tian fra Unsplash

Da den liberale forfatteren påpekte det absurde i at en “peniset kvinne” voldtok en annen kvinne, var reaksjonen fra LHBT alvorlig sinne.
Det er Lifesitenews som skriver:

There is perhaps nobody on earth who angers the transgender movement quite as much as J.K. Rowling. She’s a rock-ribbed liberal, she’s worth a billion dollars, her work is beloved by untold millions regardless of a concerted cancellation campaign, and she refuses to shut her mouth.

Trans activists have tried everything to silence her criticisms. There have been social media mobbings. Furious editorials. Solemn media scolds. Offers to re-educate her. Condemnation from LGBT groups. Banishment from events associated with the characters she created. Most recently, there have even been death threats, rape threats, and doxing.


But none of it has worked. She bides her time for a while and allows trans activists to believe that maybe she’s done distracting them from their campaign to remake society in their image. And then she comes back, reminding everyone of why the trans agenda is dangerous, encouraging liberals and feminists to draw a line and tell the radicals no. And again they are besides themselves with rage, tweeting bile and misogyny and insisting that the dudes in drag are just as much a woman as she is.

Rowling is not only continuing to speak out, she’s turning up the heat. On December 12, she tweeted out an article from the Times titled “’Absurdity’ of police logging rapists as women,” detailing an announcement by police in Scotland that they will record rapes by men — whom the Times referred to as “offenders with male genitalia” — as being perpetrated by a woman if the attacker “identifies as female.” The media has already been publishing absurd articles talking about female rapists attacking women featuring pictures of evil-looking, brawny men. Police forces are following suit.

Rowling’s caption to the article was from George Orwell’s War is Peace.

Freedom is Slavery.

Ignorance is Strength.

The Penised Individual Who Raped You Is a Woman.

An eruption of rage greeted her tweet, perhaps more so because Rowling is striking at one of the trans movement’s weakest points — the fact that male sex offenders, rapists, and murderers have been identifying as women in order to get cushier prison sentences or even get sent to female prisons (where they can offend again.) If “self-identification” dictates reality, then the man who raped a woman can claim that he is a woman, too — and the police are required to report the case as such. The emperor has no clothes, and we can all see that he’s a dude — but trans activists demand that we keep quiet. Shut up, they explain.

Sanctimonious LGBT activists who ping-pong between defenses of hedonism and pious homilies about tolerance decried Rowling as a dangerous transphobe perpetuating myths about most transgender people being sex offenders — which of course she was not doing. She was merely highlighting the obvious consequences of the ludicrous policy of “self-identification” and how it will inevitably be misused by people with nefarious intent. It is the premise of the policy, not the character of transgender people, that are the issue. Of course, activists couldn’t allow that to be the point.

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