Homofile må anerkjenne radikal kjønnsteori

Foto: Kato Blackmore fra Unsplash
Foto: Kato Blackmore fra Unsplash

Homofile i USA opplever at de oppfattes som ekstremister når de ikke anerkjenner ideen om flytende kjønn og andre sider ved radikal kjønnsteori. Les denne tankevekkende artikkelen fra nettstedet Kurtistripp:

After a gay man was kicked out of a Pride event for wearing a LGB Alliance shirt, the queer community has made it clear that homosexuals are no longer welcome at Gay Pride – unless they also worship at the altar of gender.

Fred Sargeant, gay freedom fighter, Stonewall rebellion veteran and cofounder of the first Gay Pride Parade, had something to say about that.

“Gay Not Queer” read his protest sign on 9-5 at a local Pride Parade hosted in Burlington, Vermont.

And if that sign alone wasn’t enough to really bring home the message, his shirt made the most offensive (to gender ideologues) statement of all: “Woman: adult human female”

That’s the world we live in today. One where simply defining woman is enough to be considered bigoted by some, one where rejecting homophobic slurs is now considered assimilation, and one where gay men and lesbians aren’t welcome at their own pride events, if they’re unwilling to bow to gender ideology.

I desisted only 5 months ago now, and I still very much recall what it felt like to be “under the spell”. I remember it vividly: I was an extremist.

Gender ruled all. Biological sex didn’t exist. Sexuality was fluid for everyone, or else they were immoral. I even joined extreme leftism, and while I do still consider myself leftist, I can no longer support sentiments like “all cops are bastards”.

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