Velgere i USA misfornøyd med liberal offentlig skole

Foto: CDC fra Unsplash
Foto: CDC fra Unsplash

Det store flertallet av amerikanske velgere er misfornøyd med hvordan offentlige skoler underviser i emner som rase, seksuell orientering og kjønnsidentitet. Det skriver Christian Post. Christian Post skriver:

Voters in the United States are overwhelmingly “dissatisfied” with how public schools handle issues of race, sexual orientation and gender identity, according to a recent poll commissioned by a progressive teacher advocacy organization.

By a more than 2-1 margin, more respondents indicated that they were “dissatisfied” with “the way students are taught about racial issues and the role of race in America” (60%) than “satisfied” (27%). Similarly, 58% of participants told pollsters they were “dissatisfied” with “the way students are taught about issues related to sexual preference and gender identity” compared to just 23% who were “satisfied.”

There was some indication that U.S. voters trust Republicans more on education issues than they do Democrats, albeit with some of the findings being within the margin of error.

Thirty-nine percent of respondents indicated that they had “more confidence in Republicans” on education issues, while 38% asserted they had “more confidence in Democrats.”

When asked who was more responsible for “politicizing education,” 33% said “Democrats and liberals” were more to blame, while 28% said “Republicans and conservatives.” Thirty-six percent held both parties “equally responsible.”

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