Transofobi å hevde at bare kvinner blir mødre

Foto: Branden Harvey fra Unsplash

Når du trodde at den seksuelle revolusjonen ikke kunne bli verre, dukker det stadig opp historier som viser at jo, det er faktisk ingen grenser for hva transbevegelsen kan få seg til å påstå. Denne historien fra Storbritannia er en av disse:

It all started when a British cancer charity decided to drop the word “women” from their pap smear ad campaign.

It seems that suggesting “women” should get pap smears to test for cervical cancer is discriminatory and not inclusive enough… so the charity instead started advertising to “everyone aged 25-64 with a cervix”.

Lynsey McCarthy Calvert, a professional birth coach and spokeswoman for a nation association of birth coaches in Great Britain, responded with a Facebook post.

She wrote that she was not a “cervix owner,” but rather an “adult human female,” and that “women birth all the people [in the world].”

She was then immediately accused of transphobia by the woke patrol on Facebook, who took offense as Lynsey’s “absolutely disgusting language.”

Apparently it’s “disgusting” to acknowledge your own biological facts.

But hey, since when does science matter? As one exceptionally woke Facebook user retorted, “. . . not only women birth children.”

This movement has become so ridiculous that even the biological concept of being a woman has become controversial… and basic facts about biology are outright refuted.

Les hele historien her.

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