Storbritannia utvider høringfristen til forslaget om forbud mot konverteringsterapi

Foto: Lena Varzar fra Unsplash
Foto: Lena Varzar fra Unsplash

Det er organisasjonen Christian Institute som skriver at fristen for å sende inn høringer til forslaget om forbud mot konverteringsterapi er blitt utvidet, og de ber kristne i Storbritannia engasjere seg:

The Government Equalities Office has confirmed in the last few minutes that it is extending the conversion therapy consultation to Friday 4 February 2022. It had been due to close on Friday 10 December.

Six weeks was always far too short to consult on such a complicated and controversial issue. If you haven’t yet responded, you now have more time to do so. Please use our simple briefingThis video also has more background and advice to help you.

The announcement also means there is more time to get others involved. Please point them to the resources above.

We still have a way to go to ensure the Government understands what it means to protect the religious freedom of good parents and faithful churches. We must make the best use of this additional time.

Please forward this email to Christian friends. And please continue to pray for us as we work to protect gospel freedom in the UK.

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