President Joe Bidens innsats for LHBTIQ-bevegelsen

Foto: Gayatri Malhotra fra Unsplash
Foto: Gayatri Malhotra fra Unsplash

Nettstedet LGBTQnation har summert opp all vesentlig innsats president Joe Biden har gjort for LHBTIQ-bevegelsen, og de har kommet fram til hele 64 handlinger som bør nevnes. Disse er:

Out performer Lady Gaga headlines Joe Biden & Kamala Harris’s inauguration (1/14/21)

Joe Biden picks gay former ambassador Rufus Gifford for prestigious position as Chief of Protocol (1/14/21)

The White House asks people to choose their pronouns now on website contact form (1/20/21)

Joe Biden adds another gay man to his administration as key environmental adviser (1/16/21)

Joe Biden signs sweeping executive order fighting anti-LGBTQ discrimination (1/21/21)

Joe Biden appoints Pete Buttigieg as the first out Cabinet secretary (1/21/21)

Joe Biden’s advocacy encouraged Brendan Cohen to come out. Now he’s running Biden’s social media. (1/24/21)

Biden administration reverses Trump official’s last-minute attempt to limit LGBTQ rights (1/25/21)

President Biden overturns the ban on transgender military personnel (1/25/21)

Joe Biden issues presidential memo protecting rights of LGBTQ people internationally (2/4/21)

White House “stands by” Joe Biden’s promise to sign the Equality Act in first 100 days (2/5/21)

Joe Biden reverses Trump’s transgender military ban (2/6/21)

Pete Buttigieg selects gay Indigenous aviation expert to work in Transportation Department (2/6/21)

Biden administration declares anti-LGBTQ credit discrimination illegal (3/10/21)

White House includes gay couple kissing in moving video about the pandemic (3/16/21)

Joe Biden appoints first out trans person to be confirmed by the Senate: Dr. Rachel Levine (3/24/21)

Joe Biden releases historic Transgender Day of Visibility presidential proclamation (3/31/21)

Out White House official Karine Jean-Pierre is the first Black woman to hold a briefing in 30 years (4/2/21)

Joe Biden addresses transgender community: “I see you, I hear you, and I’ll continue fighting” (4/8/21)

Joe Biden taps history-making gay police chief to lead Customs & Border Patrol (4/13/21)

Biden administration reverses Trump’s ban on rainbow flags at embassies (4/23/21)

The Biden administration is appointing two out women to the Defense Department (4/24/21)

Biden administration says it’s unconstitutional to put a trans woman in men’s prisons (4/26/21)

Joe Biden nominates out veteran Gina Ortiz Jones as Air Force Under Secretary (4/28/21)

Biden administration bans discrimination against LGBTQ people in healthcare (5/10/21)

Karine Jean-Pierre makes history as first gay woman to lead White House press briefing (5/26/21)

Joe Biden issues first Pride month proclamation to honor LGBTQ people “fighting to live freely” (6/1/21)

Joe Biden calls for increased funds to fight HIV (6/2/21)

The U.S. embassy at the Vatican is flying the Pride flag & the right is flipping out (6/3/21)

President Joe Biden honors “all those we have lost” in 40 years of the HIV/AIDS epidemic (6/6/2021)

A special Pride message from President Joe Biden & the First Lady (6/14/21)

Biden administration extends Title IX protections to LGBTQ students (6/16/21)

Biden administration tells court that states can’t ban trans girls from sports (6/17/21)

The White House installs an exhibit with LGBTQ artifacts & history for Pride Month (6/20/21)

The VA will make gender confirmation surgery available to trans veterans (6/21/2021)

Joe Biden tweets congratulations to two athletes who came out this week (6/23/21)

Biden declares “Pride is back at the White House” after designating Pulse a national memorial (6/25/21)

President Biden appoints Jessica Stern as the Special Envoy for LGBTQ Rights (6/25/21)

Biden administration will create non-binary X gender marker for U.S. passports (6/30/21)

Biden administration orders insurance companies to cover all costs associated with PrEP (7/20/21)

President Biden chooses out rabbi to serve on international religious commission (7/31/21)

President Biden appoints the first lesbian to ambassador-level position in history (7/6/21)

President Biden nominates out philanthropist to serve as Swiss ambassador (8/8/21)

Biden appoints two out advocates to help provide employment for people with disabilities (8/14/21)

Biden administration officials tell trans youth “Your rights at school matter. You matter.” (8/19/21)

President Biden nominates two out officials to economic posts in administration (9/18/21)

Joe Biden calls out anti-LGBTQ countries in UN speech (9/21)

President Biden names his nominee to take charge of global HIV & AIDS prevention (10/2/21)

Joe Biden sends love to LGBTQ people for National Coming Out Day (10/11/21)

Dr. Rachel Levine becomes first transgender four-star officer across all uniformed service branches (10/19/21)

President Biden endorses trans Virginia delegate Danica Roem for reelection (10/20/21)

Biden administration recognizes Intersex Awareness Day (10/26/21)

U.S. issues first passport with non-binary “X” gender marker in historic move (10/27/21)

Biden administration allows LGBTQ seniors to get Social Security benefits equally (11/2/21)

Jen Psaki calls the record number of trans people murdered in 2021 so far “devastating” (11/13/21)

Joe Biden’s Build Back Better Act will give tax refunds to some same-sex couples (11/18/21)

Biden signs anti-violence order recognizing Native Americans Two Spirits and LGBTQ people (11/18/21)

President Biden honors trans people lost to “horrifying” violence on Transgender Day of Remembrance (11/20/21)

President Biden nominates second out woman to federal appellate court (11/21/21)

Biden’s World AIDS Day proclamation mentions LGBTQ people in break from Trump (11/30/21)

Joe Biden appoints out gay man to lead the White House’s personnel office (12/11/21)

Senate confirms gay man as ambassador to Cameroon (12/21/21)

Out diplomat Rufus Gifford sworn into prestigious ceremonial role in State Department (1/8/22)

Biden administration to officially recognize trans & non-binary veterans’ genders (1/13/21)

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