Ny organisasjon for homofile i USA, mener radikal kjønnsteori er fienden

Foto: Stanley Dai fra Unsplash
Foto: Stanley Dai fra Unsplash

Homofile i USA har stiftet en ny organisasjon i USA. De anser transbevegelsen og radikal kjønnsteori for å være deres største fiende. Nettstedet Kurtistripp skriver:

September 13, 2021: A new US organization by and for lesbians and gay men launches today. The NEW GAY LIBERATION FRONT brings together activists from all over the US who are uniting to advocate for the rights of homosexual people and bring awareness of the harms lesbians and gay men face from modern day issues like gay conversion therapy, increased hate crimes in the USA, and a new wave of homophobia that has emerged, thinly veiled by inclusivity and disguised as a “human rights movement.” Homosexual people’s dignity and autonomy are under direct attack by gender identity ideology, radical trans activists, and major institutions―and the NEW GAY LIBERATION FRONT is here to fight back.

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