Jo Bidens budsjett for 2022: Fødende mennesker

Foto: Gayatri Malhotra fra Unsplash
Foto: Gayatri Malhotra fra Unsplash

President Jo Bidens foreslåtte budsjett for 2022 bruker begrepet ‘fødende mennesker’ i stedet for mødre, det skriver Lifesitenews.

President Joe Biden’s 2022 budget proposal is using the word “birthing people” instead of “mothers,” attempting to formalize the “inclusive” phrase born of radical transgender ideology.

Released on May 28, the 72-page proposal for the 2022 fiscal year includes a section detailing the budget’s provisions intended to reduce maternal mortality and end “Race-Based Disparities in Maternal Mortality.”

In a subsection under the heading entitled “Building Back Better,” a phrase tightly associated with the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset agenda, a radical global socialist plan which seeks to “press the reset button on capitalism, transforming everything about our society,” Biden’s budget earmarks over $200 million in spending to help end the “high rate of maternal mortality and race-based disparities in outcomes among birthing people.”

“All they’ve done is create new reductionistic terms for women,” said Ryan T. Anderson in a tweet Monday. Anderson, a former senior fellow at the Heritage Foundation and currently the president of the Ethics & Public Policy Center, a conservative think tank in Washington, D.C., added: “The old words work just fine. Keep using them.”

The use of the phrase “birthing people” in the budget comes after Missouri Congresswoman Cori Bush told Congress in May she was “committed to doing the absolute most to … protect black birthing people.”

Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse, founder of the Ruth Institute, a global non-profit dedicated to defending the family, told LifeSiteNews the phrase “birthing people” was “propaganda,” and suggested that the appearance of the term in official documents like the 2022 budget proposal is a way of “getting people worn down so that the word ‘mother’ is removed from their thought process.”

The author and co-author of five books has spoken around the world on topics relating to marriage, family and human sexuality. Morse was also a campaign spokeswoman for California’s Proposition 8 in 2008, which defined marriage as the union between a man and a woman, but was later overturned in the court system.

Morse said those who promote transgender ideology are “very sophisticated” at manipulating words to construct a new vision of reality. “You can’t use their language,” she said. “That’s not negotiable. You cannot use their language.”

Meanwhile, pro-abortion lobby group NARAL Pro-Choice America defended the use of the term “birthing people” in the proposed 2022 budget, tweeting on May 6, “We use gender neutral language when talking about pregnancy, because it’s not just cis-gender women that can get pregnant and give birth. Reproductive freedom is for *every* body.”

Katy Faust, founder and director of Them Before Us, a non-profit committed to advancing social policies to defend the rights of children, told LifeSiteNews that using phrases like “birthing person,” which carries the implication that men are capable of bearing children, is “insisting on the imaginary” while “rejecting the biological reality” that only women can be mothers.

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