En fjerdedel av all LHBTIQ-ungdom definerer seg som ikke-binære

Foto: H. Heyerlein fra Unsplash
Foto: H. Heyerlein fra Unsplash

En ny studie gjort av LHBTIQ-aktivister viser at 26 prosent av unge LHBTIQ-personer hevder at de er ikke-binære, mens 20 prosent stiller spørsmål med sin egen kjønnsidentitet. Det skrive Lifesitenews.

Studien inkluderte 35 000 LHBTIQ-ungdommer, og ble publisert av  Trevor Project,  en LHBTIQ-organisasjon som hevder de vil hjelpe LHBTIQ-ungdommer, selv om de applauderer forbud mot konverteringsterapi.
Lifesitenews skriver videre:

About one-quarter of the youth surveyed believe they are “nonbinary,” meaning they identify as somewhere on the alleged spectrum between male and female or in an entirely different category.

These “nonbinary” youth used various terms to describe their genders, including “genderqueer,” “gender fluid,” “androgynous,” and “gender non-conforming.” The young people seem to be confused as to their true identity and use a slur of different pronouns, including they/them or completely made-up pronouns such as ze or xir.

The Insider reported the story with the headline: “More young people than ever identify as LGBT, and 1 in 4 are nonbinary.” The headline misleadingly gives the impression that 1 in 4 young people identify as ‘nonbinary’ when, in fact, only 1 in 4 of LBGT youths identify this way.

Another 2021 poll alleged that Generation Z is the queerest generation yet as 5.6 percent of 18-24-year-olds are part of the LGBT movement. In response, Jonah DeChants, research scientist for The Trevor Project, wrote in a statement, “These findings emphasize the need for policies that affirm nonbinary youth in their identities, such as respecting their pronouns and allowing them to change their name and gender marker on legal documents like driver’s licenses and birth certificates.”

However, an increasing number of people are regretting their decision to attempt to change their gender and desire to revert back to their actual genders. Doctors and psychiatrists have exposed the dangers of the growing LBGT agenda.

Dr. Paul McHugh, a professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, explained that 80 percent to 90 percent of children with gender identity confusion “revert to their natal sex” if they are “left to their own devices.”

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