Activist behind ‘Woman = Adult Human Female’ billboards permanently banned from Facebook

Foto: Nordwood fra Unsplash

A mom of four and a women’s rights activist from the United Kingdom, who has been making waves by posting billboards and illuminations of the dictionary definition of “woman,” has been permanently banned from Facebook.

Kellie-Jay Keen Minshull, who goes by the name Posie Parker, was notified early Wednesday morning that her account for her activism, under the name Posie Parker, was disabled and that the decision was final.

Citing “safety and security reasons,” the social media giant determined she was not eligible to use the utility and said they could not give any additional information as to why she was booted from the platform.

Keen-Minshull had several thousand followers on her page, mostly those interested in her campaigning for women’s rights — particularly her defense of them as sex-based — and actions against the medical and surgical gender-transitioning of children.

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